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Best Food App and Startup Names in 2017

We love food app and startup names! If you are looking to name your food related business - whether it's a food delivery app, a recipe site, or a grocery on demand service - we hope this list of tasty names can give you some inspiration for great ideas...READ MORE

How to name any women's product or company

Naming a women's product or company is almost as exciting as starting the business itself! Whether you are starting a fashion boutique, a cosmetic line, a perfume brand, or a clothing collection, a short and catchy feminine sounding name can work for all. These branding and naming tips can help you pick a name that both you and your customers will love!..READ MORE

15 of the best agriculture company names

Agtech is a rapidly growing industry. With a new wave of innovation in agriculture and funding into Agtech startups, we can't help but notice some creative company names for agribusinesses. Here's a list of 15 of our favorite Agtech startup company names and why we love them. If you are looking to name your agricultural company, we hope this list can inspire you some great ideas!..READ MORE

5 Reasons we love 5-letter brandable domains for businesses

It's no secret that we love 5 letter names here at Brandsly! Any kind of business can build a recognizable brand with a brandable 5 letter domain. Here are 5 reasons we love these short and catchy "invented" brandable names...READ MORE